After 2 years into the process, we realized that our users needed a lot more help and guidance during the process of finding and applying to schools then we previously anticipated. So we re-designed the whole flow how users find and apply to schools from scratch. It is a long multi-step journey, so we broke it up into smaller steps to make the process feel easier to digest, and allow the students to add inputs as much as they felt comfortable at the time. User can carry on at any time when they are ready to do so. All information is requested in a conversational form style to engage with users in a more compelling way. We used a hybrid model rather than relying on text alone, we mixed in traditional input forms, visual elements and pre-populated selection lists. This turned out to be a game changer for the users and resulted in much higher user engagement. The new application flow minimized the workload of SchoolApply counselors and effected higher application completion than ever before. 

The First Steps

Whenever a user comes from the homepage or landing on a landing page, they promoted to sign up and create an account, and this is where the flow starts. To begin with, only a few necessary information is requested from the user during the signup process. Once the account is confirmed, we require more information from the user to analyze if She or He is eligible to study abroad and use the schoolapply services.   

Additional Steps

The process goes on with selecting schools, setting up an interview with a SchoolApply councilor. Paying the application fee, submitting papers and inputting references and academic scores.


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