With over 3million registered users Ricardo.ch is the biggest online marketplace in Switzerland. Every year, 5 million items change hands through the platform. To grow that number even further, I have helped the product team to redefine the UX for both new and existing users from sign up to after sales. Laying the foundation of the ricardo design system using material design as the base and customize it according to the needs of the product. During the 11 months, I worked on many sides of the product mainly optimizing the search result page and product page. Redesigning the fee payment flow and laying the foundation for the new myricardo design system. In this role, I analyzed data, lead user interviews and tests to inform and validate product ideas. Following through to the delivery with the internal engineering team. 


Search Result & Product Page

Ricardo is serving a broad user base never the less the search result page, and product pages are the most visited pages of the product. Both pages have been redesigned in multiple steps to serve and enhance the overall user experience.  

The product page has been redesigned from scratch since it wasn’t matching user expectations at all. Both the layout, hierarchy and all UI details have been updated. Giving an entirely new look and feel which was the new guideline for all the new pages.  

Fee Overview & Fee Payment

The way users used to pay for their fees was an old fashion way based on invoices, which were not efficient nor trackable and created a lot of user frustration and additional work for ricardo.ch processing the payments. So the whole flow has been redesigned, allowing users to pay their fees at any time with credit cards or bank transfers. The entire flow starting with the notification, fee overview page and payment page have been redesigned to facilitate the new functions giving the user total transparency on their transactions and usage. This project also included the whole communication and landing page design ensuring a smooth rollout and clear communication to all users.  


User account - myRicardo

The user account on ricardo.ch has been an accumulation different designs with various layouts and confusing UI, resulting a very distracting user experience. Users had a hard time navigating and finding the sections they were looking for. I designed a framework that is scalable and future-proof adopting to any screen size and giving the users the feeling of control.  

“Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop”

Bo Derek

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