PRtools is a boutique communication & PR agency based in Lucerne, Switzerland, delivering the best in communication strategy to clients. PRtools needed a new brand identity as well as an exciting online presence for their services. They also wanted to align their offline and online representation with their new brand values. I worked with PRtools over a long period, helping define their brand and the visual characteristics. Their new website, showcasing the services and the company, launched in September 2017.

The new branding cultivates an effective brand experience by stripping away all the noise. Started with the wordmark for the primary design identity and coupled this with a typographical system and a refreshed color palette. The color palette matched the quality and boldness of Prtools and applied that throughout the website and photography. 


The wordmark which was created well over 10yers was due to be updated. The update included reshaping of the star mark coupled with a new custom typeface.



Brand Colours

Responsive Layout

With a wide audience our aim was to create the best surfing experience for every user out there, the layout is tailored to adapt to all devices, and can be experienced in all its complexity on any device, having full access to all the detailed information. The design is minimal, clean yet active.


Images are an important component of a the PRtools brand; images have been carefully selected and used throughout the website, and guidance was set up for future use. 

Print Collateral

PRtools’s print collateral is the primary physical manifestation of the brand, so it required close attention to detail. A new Case study template and a series of eBooks were designed.


“The pursuit of excellence is less profitable than the pursuit of bigness, but it can be more satisfying.”

David Ogilvy

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