Local.ch is the number one directory in Switzerland, bringing together providers with customers. I was asked to design an easy to maintain, scalable blog that can accommodate existing and future posts all within limited resources. The goal was to increase awareness of events and the company’s various activities and promotions as well as deeper fan engagement.

The realization of the blog required the collective work of the communication team at local.ch and our friends at TWY




Card based interface

The blog is designed with a card-based interface for the quick overview. The homepage lists all blog posts as cards. They are chronologically ordered starting with the last one created. Each card has the posts name, short intro text, and image. The Post title is treated as the most distinguishable information for easy scanning. 

Local.ch Blog HomepageLocal.ch Blog Homepage
local.ch Blog article designlocal.ch Blog article design

Responsive Layout

The layout is tailored to adapt to all devices. Our aim was to create the best surfing experience for every user out there, but with local.ch a responsive layout wasn’t our only concern; we also wanted users to get the feel of the brand through the smoothness of the website’s navigation and the importance of focusing on the content. 

Local.ch Blog Responsive DesignLocal.ch Blog Responsive Design

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