IKEA HEMSÄKER insurance targets users' basic need to feel secure - and thereby create a better life at home by expanding the IKEA product offering from furniture to also include services. 

The goal was to create an affordable and consumer-friendly product with an easy application process and on great value. 

The product was named HEMSÄKER and the set up 100% digital and mobile-first, developed by iptiQ (Swiss Re) & IKEA. 

It was a year-long journey working together with Multiple global stakeholders with various different expectations. The challenge was to accommodate the product requirements and applying the IKEA brand guidelines on the white label platform. The initial product proposition was tested with users in Switzerland the US Germany and Malaysia. After feedback and refining the ideas. The work continued with in-depth interviews and focus groups with users in both Singapore and Switzerland. 

The product was launched in early 2020 at the same time in Singapore and Switzerland and rolled out in 4 languages. 

We decided to follow the design thinking process to ensure that our design decisions were supported by qualitative and quantitative research and feedback — with an iterative process during the prototype and testing phases.

Building trust page by page

When we set out to create HEMSÄKER, we realized that we had an opportunity to solve a problem facing the entire industry. Insurance is something people know they need, but don’t understand the realm of it. It’s a complicated and confusing topic that people don’t tend to dive into unless they really need it. 

Let’s face it: insurance can be confusing. Trying to make sense of the policy, get a quote, or file a claim can be an intimidating experience. We saw this as an opportunity to transform this weakness into a strength with a help of good user experience. We found that complexity and cost were two major barriers to purchasing an insurance product. So our goal was to simplify the journey and using a friendly and simple language to keep the product easy to digest. 

Each page of the application was wireframed, prototyped, refined, and tested with users to ensure the best possible user experience. Our golden rule of testing early (with real users) and testing often ensured that we were on track to build a product that users actually wanted and not what we thought they wanted.


Continous iterations

The challenge was to keep the flow streamlined while still inform the user about all the details and options of the product. That was especially challenging to keep on the quote and summary pages. We had to do a round of experiments and validation with users to get to the final version, which was satisfactory from both users and the business. Steps showing bellow from the first version to the last live version.


The custom iconography is in the heart of the HEMSÄKER brand experience. Simple and friendly, it leaves a lasting impression of aesthetic value. The icons are used throughout the application as well as on marketing materials.

“Combining the reach and trust of IKEA with a new digital insurance solution for the many people is a great way to align the vision of IKEA to create possibilities for better living.”

Magnus Fredrikson - Expansion Manager at Ikano Group.

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