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Credit Suisse Group AG is a global wealth manager, investment bank and financial services firm. One of the main focus was the redesign of The CS Digital platform. It is the main touchpoint for the client to view and manage their wealth. The platform was built over 3 years ago, and it was a simple solution with only core features. Further development created some friction inside the app, adding more features hampered the user experience of the product, as the old interface version couldn't cope with them. The Wealth Management team understood that the client experience on the platform was not optimal. It was high time for a major UX redesign to be able to move forward, rebuild the app, move it to a new platform and introduce a brand new UI and UX. I was leading the design team throughout this process over 8months in 2020.

Moving the application to a new platform using Backbase meant we could provide a flawless user experience on every touchpoint. The Platform was a responsive web application, also combined with a Native app on iOS and Android. Which also served as a security element. 
What we were certain of rethinking and redesign of the platform should put the user in the centre and make it easier to navigate.

Prioritizing research before moving forward with design improvements was crucial for the project. To evaluate the new application, we relied on a series of usability tests. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding by combining both qualitative and quantitative information. 

The design team started with a thorough analysis of the existing product, the market, and the target users both clients and RMs. It was crucial to analyse how current users interact with the application to understand better which features should be more prominent and where to put them.
After the UX research, the designers started building wireframes and user stories. Then, the UI work took over to deliver the final look of the new application following the latest CS brand guides. The outcome went trough a series of usability tests with end-users before it was released. 

Simple, fluid with a touch of magic

Our goal was to create a holistic experience across multiple channels. We worked with the belief that banking applications should be smart, simple to use and fluid… with a touch of magic. 

Our aim was to help to focus the user's attention on the content and the most important actions available with compelling user experience by leveraging the unique capabilities of the platform. The challenge was to provide a delightful user experience for any type of user, with only one portfolio or with a handful of portfolios and multiple accounts so that the activity in all accounts would be easy to review, monitor and manage

The main stages we underwent were: Identifying the primary user scenarios; Analyzing and determining key app functionality; Creating information architecture; Exploring trending technologies to provide the most simple and clear solution for the user’s financial journey, and lastly creating a delightful design.

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Combining existing & new features

The challenge was to keep the screens streamlined while still allow the user about all the details and options and feature. The following features have been integrated into the application: 

New security stack with one-touch log-in (mobile/iOS) Self-service flows for initial registration and lost password. Aggregated wealth and performance view on all portfolios. Portfolio and account breakdown. Overview page with key market data & research content, Detailed market data views, CS publications, Watchlist with alerts, Single instrument View. 

Documents inbox with priority index, actions and preview. Ability to sign/reject documents and message Relationship Manager. 

Payment Entry, Client settings, Help section, glossary, FAQ and privacy policy (static)


The custom iconography used by Credit Suisse is a strong part of the brand experience. Simple and functional, it leaves a lasting impression of aesthetic value. The icons are used throughout the application to bring guidance and visual excitement to the screens. 

“What counts for most people in investing is not how much they know, but rather how realistically they define what they don’t know.”

Warren Buffet

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