About Marton


Art Director & UX Designer

I offer strategic, experience and design consulting. I love to challenge my clients to push the envelope of what is expected to go beyond their imagined scope. My ultimate goal is to inspire both clients and team members to innovate themselves and strive to engage forward thinking brands. 

I believe that simplicity is essential and that the attention to the smallest details will set the experience apart.  My experience and versatile skill set gives me an excellent holistic view of whatever I am working on. I'm capable of working at a granular level, but if necessary I can make big decisions. I can work alone, supplement a team. I believe the experience of a project's success is best shared with a group of skillful and unique individuals. Mu approach to design is data-led and user-driven.

I am the Founder of Helvetic Design where I currently work as Art Director. Based in Cham, Central Switzerland working with national and international brands.


Defining the right product, feature set & Art Direction. 

UX research to validate designs and to understand the user.

Design leadership or individual support of design & UX.

Ongoing support & leadership of product execution & strategy.

The Process



Discovery, prioritization & planning

This is the most important part of any project and could include many different processes and methodologies. The exact methods used depends on the project characteristics.  

I'm an advocate of following a lean approach; this is where you will prioritize core features into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It reduces the risk for the client and ensures decisions are validated quickly. 



User experience and Design

Good planning on how to structure this process can help increase quality, the speed of the product and the moral of the entire team.

Having the skill to create usable products that look great should be a given. But to achieve this you need the right setup and structure - I'm experienced in helping achieve this for myself and others as well as executing the actual work. 



Ongoing product development

I love how digital design thinking is evolving, and an essential factor of this is the departure from classic ad agency processes.

A good digital project should never end, and a good designer will begin any project with this in mind, Don't waste your money up front, but ensure you can use it to learn and keep your product getting better by continuous improvements. 



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I love the outdoors, especially hiking, mountaineering and cycling. You can find some pics taken when out and about, on my Instagram account @mgyarmati

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"My goal is creating experiences, that play a meaningful role in people’s lives"


Márton Gyarmati