About Marton


Art Director & Designer

I love to challenge my clients to push the envelope of what is expected to go beyond their imagined scope. My ultimate goal is to inspire both clients and team members to innovate themselves and strive to engage forward thinking brands.

I believe stunning design and aesthetics,  matched towards a brand add value and create a better experience. I believe that simplicity is key and that the attention to the smallest details will set the design apart. I believe the experience of a project's success is best shared with a team of skillful and unique individuals.

I am the Founder of Helvetic Design where I currently work as Art Director. Based in Cham, Central Switzerland working with national and international brands.  



Art direction, Branding, Interactive experiences, User Interface Design, Interaction design, Corporate design, Managing creative teams



+41 78 634 18 58

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'The life of a designer is a life of fight against the ugliness'


Massimo Vignelli